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Scholarship in China with CCN

The CCN admissions workplace accepts college students from specific nations on a supply groundwork to 28 consortium universities, presenting them the most fascinating and current academic programs. A scholarship is often rewarded for students who are triumphant in a specific activity – without delay to pre-university coaching or coaching in the specialty, sports, social life, etc.

Types of CCN Scholarship

  • 1A0 – free tuition, free hostel or living allowance.
  • 2A1 – free education in universities 1st class.
  • 3A2 – free training at universities different than 1st class.
  • 4A3 – 50% discount on tuition.
  • 5A4 – lessons discount up to 50%.

Categories of CCN Universities

  • 1Universities of the top line, occupy leading positions no longer only in China however also in the world
  • 2Universities of the top-20-top-50, take part in large government projects China, nominated in a number awards, and there are full-size investments of China in them
  • 3Universities of the top 50-150-300 line, barely decrease rated, however additionally actively financed through the nation and have practical ride working with foreign students

Steps for a CCN Scholarship

It is vital to make clear that, right here we describe the preferred scheme for obtaining a CCN Scholarship for undergraduate or graduate programs, for those who cannot communicate in Chinese. Also, this journeying with the aid of Study & Practice applications need to clarify the important points that you get from our experts, considering that the scheme is barely different.

Step 1

  • 1Submission of a utility and session with our professionals to select the program, the path of study, the university, your preferences, as properly as the discussion of Scholarships.
  • 2Writing a motivation letter in English.
  • 3Providing an assertion of grades for the final tutorial yr / semester for approval via the CCN admissions office (You will find recommendations on writing a letter in the attachment) Registration fee.

Step 2

  • 1Drawing up a student’s portfolio, the place we will pick out universities and packages for you, taking into account the expectations of both you and your parents, so that you have a clear understanding of the chances and prospects.

Step 3

  • 1Fill out an Application Form and get a scholarship offer.
  • 2Pay tuition fees.

Step 4

  • 1Collecting the essential documents for study in China, collectively with the Escort Department getting an official invitation from the university.
  • 2Fly to China.

Step 5

  • 1Training for International Foundation Program (IFP) centers in China.
  • 2Advice on choosing universities and offers in China.
  • 3Obtain professional affirmation of the college on enrollment and award of the Scholarship.

Step 6

  • 1Let’s get in the leading universities for Bachelor or Master Program in China.

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