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05 May 2019

Is study in China best option for students?

Why We Encourage You to Study in Abroad?

Whether you go for study in China or wherever else you become accustomed to new surroundings, navigate city streets, and build relationships, you can recognize your strength and weaknesses and get better on them. Time and money management, problem-solving, and organization are all valuable skills that not only look good on a resume but will also provide you well wherever you go.

It’s a great way to look at your studies from a different point of view, gain an international sympathetic of your field, and take benefit of resources that might not be available at your home university.

Let's see the most important fact for study in Abroad

1. It’s a challenge
Studying abroad isn’t necessarily easy. There are exclusive challenges that come with going overseas to study, but that’s all part of the fun and the experience.

2. Experience a different culture
One of the main advantages of studying abroad for many international students is the opportunity to become engrossed in a totally different environment. This inspiring experience will allow you to see and do things you wouldn’t expect, and meet people who have grown up in an unusual culture.

3. Discover new interests/hobbies
When it is about abroad, you might find yourself in a completely new environment, then your home country in terms of weather conditions, communications, mentality or even the social and educational systems. All this difference can become a great opportunity for you.

4. The top quality education system
No matter where you study, your aim is always going to be to get the uppermost possible quality of education. Becoming an international student can significantly widen your study options.

5. Learn various languages
One huge advantage of studying abroad is the ability to learn a new language. Learning a language can be a real challenge when there is nothing likes living somewhere, where that language is spoken natively. Studying abroad facilitate you to learn new languages, be thankful for other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a better understanding of the world.

6. Career opportunities
Obviously, the main reason for getting a degree in the first place is to get better your career prospects. In a globalized, well-connected world, employer gradually values graduates with international knowledge and education.

7. Being independent
It’s true that you become truly independent from your parents and family. This is particularly true when you go to university in another country! Bringing us full circle, becoming self-governing is itself a challenge. But living and studying in another country will shape you into an independent and adventurous way to ready for succeeds in your future career.

8. Increase CV value
By studying abroad you will not only stand out from the crowd but stand ahead of other applicants on the international job market.

Study in China

Get ahead of the rest, and give your career a fresh start, by building a superior understanding of China. Study in China will be exciting that you will never forget, and it will put you in good stead for living in China. You can own an excellent opportunity to explore the world's most populous country. You will know-how China's unique blend of ancient and modern civilization, as well as its attractive beauty and busy nightlife.
Nowadays, Students search for to study abroad have an increase broadly and China is becoming more and more popular. China education system vision is to give international students access opportunity to realize about their study and build their career in the most thrilling country in the world. We are ambitious to construct stronger and deeper connections between the China government and the whole world.
Believe it or not, as you travel to different parts of China, in everyday life, you will be just as new and fulfilling. Living and interact with local Chinese and immerse yourself in Chinese society will give you a new way of visualizing the world and giving you the kind of insight that just doesn't come from textbooks.

Why China is best for study?

The government of China is investing heavily in international students to study in China. Economic support is an essential factor in the decision to study abroad. The Chinese government is offering a wide range of funding supports to be a focus for the students from overseas, including more than 40,000 scholarships at their 277 universities and Chinese universities.
Living in China is also much cheaper than studying and living in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and many other foreign countries. Any student can also pay for the cost of living in China. Study abroad in China provides an opportunity for international students to view things from the Chinese perspective. Merging the awareness of both China and their home countries will give students benefit to explore potential opportunities in China for the future prospect. China has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students because of its long history and thrilling culture.
China has been the world's fastest growing country for the past 30 years. Even during the economic crisis, China's financial growth has maintained a level of 8%, a pace unimaginable way in other countries. China's GDP recently surpassed Japan's to turn out to be the world's second largest economy after the United States.
Consequently, striving to construct more world-class universities, and investing heavily in higher education. Aside from China's unique Chinese language, calligraphy, martial arts, and other cultural subjects, Chinese degree programs in majors such as engineering, science, and technology, medicine, economics and trade, MBA as well as finance are highly admired. Those who don’t know Chinese, many universities offer degree programs trained entirely in English, so you can make your degree while learning the most widely spoken language in the world. Though it may surprise many, Chinese culture and people are tremendously various and multicultural, consisting of 56 different ethnicities in China. Moreover, Global Study Consultancy is prepared to assist you with the best admission and visa for China.

Why comparatively China is finest for study than other countries?

1. Affordable tuition fee and scholarships.
2. Both living costs and university fees are comparatively inexpensive.
3. China serves the best universities with top experienced faculties.
4. Cheaper expenses than other foreign countries.
5. International students can both study and save money at the same time.
6. Have opportunities to build a particular business.
7. Chance to work with prestigious companies which will be a priceless experience to add in the CV.
8. There have scholarships from government universities to support international students.
9. Students can learn about different academic disciplines.
10. Students are allowed to work on part-time jobs.
11. You will be joining a growing trend where China is the third largest population of international students behind the UK and US.
12. Discover Chinese culture from the Chinese environment.
13. Learn from China’s development.
14. Enhancing your global experience.
15. Develop your career prospects.
16. Adequate Chinese language.
17. Chinese people have a big advantage for those who want to become the world’s next generation leader.
18. Though they are investing heavy cost for their education system, the quality of education remains world-class.

Why China campus network?

"China Campus Network (CCN)" offers potential student’s elite access to leading Chinese universities. Also, provide services that facilitate them before, during and after their study. Also, connecting international ability to unique career development opportunity in global Chinese enterprises. We know, future lies in Asia and more particularly in China. That’s where all the action is going to be. So if you want to be a part of that, the best thing you can do is to come to "China Campus Network Bangladesh (CCN BD)", because it’s where the future is. Ultimately, "China Campus Network (CCN)" will give you the best probability and the best opportunity for your bright future.

How to choose best university for study in China?

1. First, think about your preference. If you have any preference in Chinese city or university take a look at city guide about further details for knowing why you should apply.
2. In comparison to Beijing, Shanghai, the cost of living in China's island region is relatively low. If you don’t have the largest budget, you can consider these well developed and excellent universities.
3. Check the annual ranking of all universities in China.
4. If you have any preferable major which you want to study, choose according to the universities expertise.
5. Choose to apply where you have more citizens. This may support you to settle more quickly in a new environment.

How to apply for China scholarship?

To get a scholarship
Everyone wants to get a full pay scholarship. Chinese government enables to cover tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and insurance for the full duration of the study. Some students think the best way to get a full scholarship is by applying to many universities in China. But this is not the right way. You can’t assume which university is better enough and what major you can be accepted or whether you can get scholarships.
You need to focus only one or two universities to get full scholarships. You need to write your application very seriously. And have to enroll at the university after receiving the scholarship. Then maybe that universities admission officer will be willing to assist you.

Choose the right universities
You must have to be conscious whether the university you apply is helpful or not for your career. Many universities don’t accept transfer applications.
If your budget is ok, you should choose a university first. Try to get the best existing scholarship Generally speaking, it’s hard to get a chance for international students who can satisfy with the quality of education. Most important, you need to compete with many students with excellent grades for application. The only high ranking or good Chinese language doesn’t mean they can provide the best learning environment.

How to apply for a scholarship in China?
1. First, write an application for sending it to China embassy.
2. Then Submit your application to the Chinese embassy.
3. After checking all application or documents the embassy will issue an award letter to qualified candidates.
4. Contact with China universities and tell them that you want to apply with your award letter.
5. Chinese embassy may send all applicants documents to Chinese scholarship council for final review.
6. Last step to wait for the notification of receiving scholarships.

Important factors you should know

You can’t be so sure that you can get the chance of getting scholarships. You can only apply competitive universities to increase your chance to get a scholarship. Some universities never provide pre-admission letter whether this letter is mandatory for some universities. You just need to send all application materials to the Chinese embassy from your home country

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